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Philips HeartStart FRx AED | 861304

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Philips FRx AED is designed for the most demanding applications, rugged and strong to withstand the most demanding applications, has a low cost of ownership with the pediatric key and can be easily connected to other EMS monitors.

Includes: Philips HeartStart FRx AED - FRx defibrillator, with EIGHT year warranty, one set of adult pads, one four year battery.

The Philips HeartStart FRx is the newest AED in Philips line. Designed to be rugged and easy to use by the first responder. The Philips FRx AED will calmly coach you through the rescue. Smart pads react to what the rescuer is doing, assuring you of proper pad placement. The FRx AED will make the right shock decision. The FRx will even coach you in how to do CPR if needed.

  • The FRx has a low cost of ownership. You can save on batteries and pads with the FRx compared with other brands. Also, because the FRx utilizes a pediatric key, you won't have to stock and replace pediatric pads. 
  • Extremely rugged, can withstand rainfall, a 500 pound crush test, IP 55 Rating and would be appropriate for use on a golf cart, hauling out to football fields,
  • Withstands higher temperature storage in the trunk of a vehicle. Ideal for schools, police cars, golf courses and industrial settings.
  • Quick Shock - a special feature unique to Philips AEDs. After CPR is stopped, the FRx can deliver a shock if needed in 8 seconds - the fastest of any AEDs on the market. This results in the greatest chance for survival.
  • FRx uses a pediatric key to lower the energy levels from adult to children rather than changing pads. This eliminates the need for to replace separate child pads and saves you money.
  • Pads are compatible with any EMS defibrillators with the use of an adapter saving time and money

Can be reconfigured through the infrared port on the side.  Complies with the 2010 American Heart Association Guidelines. Available with a prescription.

  • Philips Heartstart FRx AED unit
  • 8-Year Warranty
  • 4-Year Battery
  • 1 Set of Adult AED Pads
  • AED/CPR Fast Response Kit
  • AED Inspection Tag
  • "AED On-Site" Window Static Sticker

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