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Outdoor Wall Cabinet with Audible Alarm and Heating | Aivia 200

Outdoor Wall Cabinet with Audible Alarm and Heating | Aivia 200

  • $524.00

So you’ve bought a lifesaving defibrillator, but now you need to find somewhere to store your unit whilst keeping it highly visible in the event of an emergency situation.

The Aivia 200 AED Cabinet Seal Protected with Audible Alarm & Heating could be exactly what you’re looking for, providing the perfect indoor or outdoor solution for protecting your lifesaving AED.

Key Features

  • Perfect indoor or outdoor solution to protecting and storing your defibrillator
  • Designed with two sections providing amazing shock resistance properties
  • Combines a Polycarbonate cover with an ABS chassis as 2 distinct parts
  • Internal heating to keep your defibrillator at optimum performance temperature
  • Defibrillator also protected by coated seals and LEDs installed for day/night lighting
  • 105db audible alarm triggered once the cabinet is opened in an emergency

How to use

With no coded entry, access to your life-saving defibrillator couldn’t be easier. Simply open the cover to access your unit and this will activate the audible alarm to alert the general public to the emergency situation.

The cabinet is designed in two sections, with a polycarbonate cover and an ABS chassis, ensuring that the greatest amount of protection is provided to your defibrillator.

About the Manufacturer

Originating in France, Aivia now has well over 100,000 defibrillator cabinets installed in both indoor and outdoor locations across their homeland and other countries worldwide.

They have a history of developing and producing robust protection and surveillance of defibrillators – ensuring that you can leave your lifesaving AED safe and secure for long periods of time prior to being used.